Our approach

Helping women become intentional about wealth-building and reaching for financial freedom.

Mindful money management for a better world

Alexis Advisors is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm for women, by women. We are invested in helping you make a change and expand your financial possibilities. With mindful money management and ESG investments, we strive to make sure that you’re focusing on a better future with choices that are informed, intentional, and inspired.


We understand that money conversations are personal and need to be built on a foundation of trust. We work with those who are smart enough to do it themselves, but are busy making a difference in the world, and know when they need to hire someone to help with all the ins, outs, and details – and who can keep an eye on their interests.


Open and accountable to you. Our fee-only, no-commission structure means that we invest based on your values and priorities, not ours or anybody else’s.


You don’t have to “know it all.” We just want you to know enough to be informed about the basic building blocks to move you from an income-earner to a wealth-builder – and our goal is to help you get there.


Communication is our cornerstone – through the good, and the bad our aim is for you to know where you stand and where you’re headed.

Personalized Service

Your money – just like your life – is unique to you. Our goal is to design a financial plan and apply an investment approach that fits your goals and your values.