Mindful Money

Socially responsible investing and values-based planning for women invested in change.

Own your money and your impact.

We work with change makers. With women and families that are focused on creating positive social impact. Those who are tired of the status quo investment and planning methodology, and are looking for an approach that better aligns their money with what they value. These women are seeking to “be the change” – to do well and do good.

Alexis Advisors is a wealth management firm for women by women

Walk an Intentional Path to Building Wealth

Align your money with your life choices and values.

Strive for Full Financial & Impact Potential

Leverage Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) with Alexis Impact Portfolios.


Engage Alexis Advisors to manage your 401(k) plan.

Loyal to Local

From business lunches to caterers, to hosting events, we strive to use local first.

B Corp Certified

Being a B Corp reinforces our vision of more businesses focusing on purpose, not just profit.


We carve out up to 100 hours annually for pro-bono planning and free educational programming.

Giving Back

We donate 1-2% of our gross revenues annually to local non-profits that align with the values we strive to embody.


Our fee-only, no-commission structure means that we invest based on your values and priorities, not ours or anybody else’s.

Environmentally Conscious

We screen all of our investments from a sustainability perspective, and we don’t invest in funds or stocks targeted towards fossil fuels.

Empowering Women

We are eager to support women in the money conversation – to feel empowered and emboldened by your choices.


We are financial fiduciaries which means we are legally and ethically required to put your interests before ours.

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Impact Insights

Responsible investing isn’t just about building your wealth – it’s about understanding the power of every dollar and being mindful with your money.

Download our FREE whitepaper about ESG investing and learn how you can leverage your money to drive corporate responsibility and build a roadmap to a more sustainable future – all while growing your wealth.