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Trust – it’s what every Alexis Advisors client relationship is based on and built upon. We understand that earning your trust starts with our firm’s fiduciary commitment – to put the best interest of our clients first. That’s why we set up our firm as a fee-only registered investment advisor. We appreciate the accountability of being regulated as financial fiduciaries and find purpose in delivering unbiased financial guidance to benefit our clients.

Roberta Keller

Founder and CEO

Roberta Keller wants to work with curious people – the people who ask, ‘Why?’ while aligning their money with their values. She is passionate about helping women innovate their money mindset so they can thrive – despite what they’ve been taught by societal norms. Her own vision in business focuses on transparency, integrity, and encouraging purpose-driven living. Alexis Advisors is one of the region’s first B-Corp-certified advisory firms.

Roberta Keller believes that every dollar invested has an impact – both for individuals and for our world. Her goal has been to build a business that integrates her institutional money management experience with her yoga and mindfulness practices.

Her extensive background in institutional money management – from Wall Street to Connecticut to London – has led her to create proprietary portfolios that strive to participate in bull markets and minimize the negative impact of catastrophic stock market losses, while also aiming to curtail negative impacts on the planet.*

In addition to her purpose-driven work, Roberta thrives through her passions for Ayurvedic wellness, yoga, and nature, and enjoys her board service as Trustee for the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation.

Samantha Vicchiarelli, ChFC®

Associate Advisor / FINANCIAL PLANNER

Samantha is focused on helping people take control of their financial futures. She strives to empower clients with the financial literacy skills they need to make informed decisions and achieve financial freedom.

After those closest to her suffered from a lack of financial preparedness during a recession, she became interested in finance. While pursuing her degree in Financial Planning, she volunteered with those experiencing hardship and organized financial literacy events. Starting in 2015, she worked with a diverse range of clients at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management – including families and businesses in different stages of their financial journeys.

Samantha is constantly expanding her skills: she earned the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation and an MBA from Stockton University. At Alexis Advisors, she uses her expertise and experience to help clients achieve their goals through comprehensive financial planning services.

Samantha recently relocated to Virginia from New Jersey. She enjoys exploring the great outdoors, snowboarding, and traveling with family and friends when she isn’t in the office.

The ChFC® is the property of The American College of Financial Services, which reserves sole rights to its use, and is used by permission.

Ann Myers

Client Services & Operations Specialist

Ann is driven by a desire to help people and help our planet.

At Alexis Advisors, Ann keeps the trains running on time and assists with strategic operational initiatives. She has over 20 years of experience keeping companies and large organizations running effectively and efficiently.

Ann is serious about improving the quality of our planet. She is converting her gardens to a chemical-free environment with a focus on pollinator-friendly native plants.

When she’s not in her yard or working, Ann and her partner, Mike love to travel, exploring new cities or cultures especially anywhere near the water.

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We’re on a mission to help women become intentional about wealth-building and reach for financial freedom. If you share our passion for mindful money management, intentional living, and inspiring a better future, we’d love to get to know you.

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