Partnering with women who strive to do well & do good.

Women who want a different approach to the money conversation.

Empowering women to become intentional wealth builders.

We work with impact makers and change makers. With women and families that are focused on creating positive social impact. Those who are tired of the status quo investment and planning methodology are looking for an approach that better aligns their money with what they value. These women are seeking to “be the change” – to do well and do good.

Many of the women and families that work with us want to:

  • Be informed. Want their advisor to teach them, and not just tell them.
  • Be intentional about how they spend, save, and invest their money.
  • Engage professional investment management because they are busy with their careers and raising a family.
  • Understand how their investments are impacting their communities and the planet.
  • Delegate the planning and investment management services to an expert so they can spend time with family and enjoy life.
  • Work with a company that isn’t just about profit but is also about positive social impact.
  • Leave the meeting with their advisor feeling empowered and engaged.
  • Engage professional investment management to help navigate the inevitable market declines.