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Empowering Women & Families To Be Intentional, Informed Wealth Builders

Be Informed. Be Intentional. Be Empowered.

Alexis Advisors is passionate about engaging women to ask the tough money questions – and giving them tools and resources to support them in being informed impact makers. Our vision is to empower women to innovate their path to wealth, understanding that they can do well and do good by leveraging their innate drive to be intentional wealth builders.

We offer standalone speaking engagements to your audience of choice on the topics listed below. Book us for one of these engaging sessions.

Our Program Options

Navigating The Journey with Aging Parents: Strategies to Help You Prepare

Supporting an aging parent can be daunting, and when financial discussions enter the picture, the situation can become even more challenging. However, avoiding the necessary actions can exacerbate difficulties.

This program equips you for this inevitable journey by offering vital insights including understanding the necessary documents to have in place, exploring caregiver resources, and learning effective strategies to prevent burnout.

Thriving Solo: Navigating Your Financial Life After Divorce

Divorce brings significant adjustments – and one of the biggest is navigating changes to your financial circumstances. The emotional strain that comes with divorce is often amplified by having to figure out how to “go it alone” financially – managing household expenses and children’s needs solo, while relying on a single income. Retirement and other dreams that once seemed attainable may no longer seem possible.

This program will clearly define the next steps of your financial journey, outlining essential actions to regain financial stability and move toward your goals.

Demystifying ESG: The Art & (Imperfect) Science of Socially Responsible Investing

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing has been in the spotlight over the past few years, with opinions ranging widely. Some claiming it is a crucial means to hold corporate actors accountable,
others going as far to say it’s a scam.

Explore the basics of ESG investing, its history and evolution, and the potential benefits and pitfalls, with tips on how to weave this into your investment strategy.

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