Using business to make an impact.

We’re being the change we want to see in the world.

What is a B Corporation?

The B Corp Certification is intended to demonstrate dedication to a positive impact on employees, clients, and communities through beneficial business practices, from employee benefits to charity participation. Being a Certified B Corp means meeting the highest standards of performance, accountability, and transparency in everything we do – and recognizing that we strive in the “how, what, and why” of our business to be a force for good in our community and for the world.

Taking the lead as a Certified B Corp

As a Certified B Corp, we are held accountable by a third party to demonstrate dedication to a positive impact on employees, clients, and our community. We aim to put our focus on purpose, not just profit. Our goal is to help women make choices that are intentional and informed to positively impact their communities. The certification process looks at our company and how we measure our social and environmental impact, our commitment to staying accountable, and our dedication to public transparency. Our goal is to be intentional about the way we run our business, the way we manage client assets, and how we support clients in leading an informed, purpose-driven life.


Impact Insights

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