Investing to create change.

Do more with mindful money management. Invest intentionally with Alexis Impact Portfolios.

Investments that seek to do well, and do good.

Every investment you make matters. Money has power. It can be invested with the aim of helping solve problems… or it can be invested with a lack of intention, contributing to the problems we face as a global society.

We believe that investing clients’ hard-earned money in companies that are striving to do well and do good can help move the needle in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges – from climate change to building a more diverse and inclusive society.

Investing With Intention

Our aim is to support clients in building wealth and investing in companies that are striving to make a long-term, positive impact on our society and the planet. We believe that you can do both by investing in our Alexis Impact Portfolios.

Own your impact

We want you to think about purpose, not just profit. We seek to empower women who want to create a better world and reach their full potential, using their money as a force for good.

Alexis Impact Portfolios

We don’t outsource the money management, which means we have control over the investments in our proprietary portfolios. We apply a rigorous approach to selecting the securities included in each portfolio.

  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis – In our equity portfolios, we start with fundamental analysis, assessing each company’s financial strength. We then assess long-term price trends, which can give a perspective on relative performance to a stock’s benchmark.  
  • ESG Analysis – Next, we assess the company’s footprint through a separate screening tool based on all aspects – environmental, social, & governance. We accept that ESG screening is continuously evolving.

Our goal is to be good fiduciaries while also striving to be intentional about the how and why of our investments. 




Climate Change and Carbon Emissions


Air and Water Pollution


Consideration of
People and relationships

Gender and Diversity

Human Rights

Labor Standards


Commitment to Corporate Governance

Board Composition

Executive Compensation

Lobbying Practices

Are we fossil-fuel-free? Not completely. Why? Moving to a Net Zero world is challenging. We want to invest in companies that are leading the transition to decarbonization and are role models for other companies in the utility and energy arena.

Put intent behind your investments when you choose Alexis Impact Portfolios.


Impact Insights

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