Women, Money, & Mindfulness

Building a community of women to mindfully engage in the money conversation.

Women empowering women

When it comes to money and building wealth, women have questions.

Our purpose is transformational change – to give women the tools and mindset needed to step into their roles as wealth-builders and bigger impact makers.

Building a community

Join us – a group of women who share your drive to learn more about money – but through the lens of community building and mindfulness.

We will host up to three sessions per year on topics such as ESG Investing, How to Be A Philanthropist, The What and How of Private Equity Investing, and Tips for Shifting Your Money Mindset & To Stop Sabotaging your Goals!

Upcoming Events

Join our community of women – a community of Impact Makers – who are innovating the money conversation and learning more about wealth through community and mindfulness.

This year, 2022, we plan to host one event in the fall. The focus will be on how to make an impact through philanthropic giving. Christie Silverstein and Elizabeth Smart, the founders of Conserve The Future Fund, will talk about how donations to this fund are supporting projects and organizations whose focus is on benefiting the environment and conserving natural resources. Stay tuned!